2008.11 LuoheYibo rubber technology co.,ltd was founded;

2009.3 Obtained the national industrial production license;

2009.7 Set up engineering and technical R & D Center;

2010.3 The new production line of ‘smooth coverhydraulic hose’was put into production;

2010.5 Passed ISO9001 international quality management system;

2010.10 Obtained safety certificate of approval for mining products;

2012.4 Become the only authorized Golden Partneron CCTV Network in the same industry;

2013.6 Titled “Yibo Cup” International Men’s Basketball Tournament 2013;

2013.10 Be certified as national High-tech Enterprises;

2013.12 Be certified as Safety Production StandardizationThird-rated Enterprise;

2014.3 Founding Yibo Imp&Exp companyexpanding international business team;

2014.5 “High performance hose with a new polymer alloy material”project has been identified as a patent for invention;

2014.6 Participated in the CTT 2014 in Russia;

2014.10 Yibo attended Shanghai PTC;

2014.10 Attended IRAN ConMin 2014Improve the influence in Middle East market;

2014.11 Attended Shanghai Bauma with new products;

2014.12 Attended BC India 2014Continously expanding the influence in international market;